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Starting a bit under a year ago while I was in Japan, I made it my goal to improve the shape of my body. I used to do basic body weight exercises but I never really made a routine out of it. I also tried to take protein powder once before but it tasted awful and I didn’t know how to use it anyway. Once I resolved to improve my body, I… Read More

I recently returned to America from living in Japan for 13 months. What a wonderful experience it was! Actually, having traveled to Japan and back is a large inspiration for starting this blog. You can bet I’ll be sharing more about my experience and teaching about how you can do it too in some of the posts to come. Being immersed in a totally different culture and practicing the customs and learning… Read More

One day when I was in Japan, I hopped on a train to take a short trip to Osaka to explore the city. I’d often see both adults and children often with English phrases on their clothes, some of which didn’t make much sense. The reason for that being because most Japanese people don’t understand English very well. It’s probably similar to how westerners often wear clothes, get tattoos, or otherwise display… Read More

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I just got back from a year living in Japan. I had a blog there but blogging wasn’t a priority and I just couldn’t motivate myself to fit it into my schedule. But I’ve resolved to change that. I’m hunkering down to search for my next big adventure, whatever that is. So I made a new blog! Then I switched hosts and lost all my original data from a few days of… Read More