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Jan 30

The Hero’s Journey of Moana

By Cody | Entertainment

I first saw the movie Moana a few months ago and it struck me as something really cool. I found myself relating to many of the characters in the story, understanding their desires, feeling their pain, and wanting to see them grow. That’s the way a good story should be, of course. I also noticed […]

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Jan 30

The Hero’s Journey

By Cody | Philosophy

The Hero’s Journey/The Monomyth The Hero’s Journey, also known as the monomyth, is the mythical archetype that hero myths through all over history follow. The Monomyth is the hero story of all hero stories. It’s a pattern that many, if not all hero stories and mythology can map onto in some way or another. This […]

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Jan 27

Don’t Be Too Nice

By Cody | Philosophy

The Golden Rule What is it? Treat others the same way you want to be treated. This is one of the most well known and most spoken moral rules throughout western society today. It’s often called the Golden Rule and comes in many similar forms. The most well-known adaptation of the Golden Rule comes from […]

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Jan 25

Taking a New Turn

By Cody | Uncategorized

Hero’s Update I’ve updated the visuals of the site! New without and new within. Previously, Hero’s Journey blog has been a bit scattered in content. But now I’ve resolved to focus more exclusively on lifestyle subjects. My image of what this blog will become is a nexus for thought where readers can come to discover […]

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Nov 02

The Science of Negotiating on the Phone

By Cody | Book a Week

Negotiating is one of the most valuable skills I think a person can have. As a part of my foray into reading a book a week, I stumbled on a book called Cold Calling Techniques: That Really Work by Stephan Schiffman. If you’ve ever been involved in sales, you may know what cold calling is. […]

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Oct 31

Practicing Connecting with Powerful and Influential People

By Cody | Business

I recently watched a speech given at Aweseomeness fest in 2013 by Michael Ellsberg, author of The Education of Millionaires, columnist for Forbes, and entrepreneurship writer. Ellsberg’s speech, called “How to Connect with Powerful and Influential People” was fantastic and I absolutely recommend it. Often in the area of business it seems like successful people […]

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Oct 30

Living the Dream of Cheaply Traveling the World

By Cody | Travel

I recently returned to America from living in Japan for 13 months. What a wonderful experience it was! Actually, having traveled to Japan and back is a large inspiration for starting this blog. You can bet I’ll be sharing more about my experience and teaching about how you can do it too in some of […]

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