About the Author

A jack of all trades is a master of none, …”


If you’re like me, you hate that phrase. No one ever finishes it. They take it to mean that you should find only one thing to do with your life and stick with it and you’ll be successful. Maybe. It does work out that way sometimes. But many of the most successful people I’ve heard of are definitely Jacks of all trades. Doing what we love no matter how many things that is, if there’s enough time in the day, is without a doubt the most exciting and the most rewarding way to live.

I just finished a year working holiday in Japan and now I’m questing for my next big adventure. During my exploration, I’m studying, trying, failing, and succeeding. Amidst even the failures, I gain great treasures. That treasure is education and that’s the purpose of this blog. This blog is a way to keep my scatterbrained activities in order and helps me not only retain the things I study, experience, and experiment with, but helps me share it with you.

I love traveling. I’ve been to three continents and I’m not done yet. Most recently was a year-long trip to Japan.

I enjoy writing. Thus the blog.

I’m a programmer by education and have all kinds of other technology experience from computer repair to digital marketing.

I dream to be a successful entrepreneur one day. Read my posts and you’ll hear plenty about my pursuit of that. If you can help me, or more importantly, if I can help you, contact me and we can chat.

I’m a Pokemon fan. Check out my Instagram to see all the places my Litten has traveled with me.

Finally, I love helping people. Wherever the wind takes me, I want to provide value to the people around me. This blog is to extend that reach.

… but oftentimes better than a master of one.

-Geoffrey Minshull


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