Blogs blogs everywhere. I finally have one I'm sticking with. | Hero's Journey

Blogs blogs everywhere. I finally have one I’m sticking with.

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Oct 14
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I just got back from a year living in Japan. I had a blog there but blogging wasn’t a priority and I just couldn’t motivate myself to fit it into my schedule. But I’ve resolved to change that. I’m hunkering down to search for my next big adventure, whatever that is. So I made a new blog! Then I switched hosts and lost all my original data from a few days of blogging. Ouch. Then I switched hosts again because it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. I landed back where I started with the same hosting I had before leaving for Japan. The past couple weeks have been wild trying to get all of that situated. But I’m back and I’m committed.

Who is this guy? What can I look forward to from this blog?

You can expect to hear lots about travel because of my travel and living experience in Japan. Also you can expect to hear about language and my journey learning Japanese and learning about learning language and how to do it most efficiently. Business and entrepreneurship is another passion of mine. Tangentially, you can hear about marketing. Another subject I thoroughly enjoy is fitness and health. We can learn how to lose fat efficiently and in a short period of time (which I’ve had incredible success doing), how to gain muscle also efficiently and quickly (also incredible success), which foods to eat and which foods to avoid, and which diets work and which diets don’t, and we’ll talk about supplements. Other possible topics may include martial arts, breathing, efficiency, organization, and more. As you can see, I’m a real jack of all trades. Follow me to have these and some other awesome things to learn together. Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to seeing you back.