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Become the hero that's inside of each and every one of us and be the person you want to be with the lifestyle you want to have.

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The Hero’s Journey
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Cody Lawrence  ​is on his own hero's journey, educating himself and others to access the mental and physical ​flourishing that we all can achieve ​to create ​an ideal lifestyle for ourselves and become better ​people.

​This blog is a journey in discovery​. Throughout the semi-disconnected and musing posts, you'll be able to reflect on these personal discoveries and hopefully make your own as well. Among other topics, expect that blog will dive deeply into the realm of entrepreneurship, psychology, philosophy, religion, science, and education.

​With the ultimate goal of helping himself press on in this journey while inspiring others to do the same, the posts here are designed to be thoughtful and thought-provoking and open for discussion always.